Is There a Facebook Group in Your Future?

by Sr. Susan Wolf, SND on October 17, 2011

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A few projects that I have been working on lately have necessitated research into Facebook features and functions. Groups were on my list this week. What I discovered first was that Facebook released a new design for groups in October 2010—that’s right a year ago, where was I? No matter, I know about it now.

I joined a few groups a long time ago, but they have not been active and I have not even looked at them since I joined them. I understand this is a common experience. As I did my research, I had some questions about groups and the new design and I found the answers which I will share with you.

Why start a Facebook group?

According to the Facebook Help Center, “Groups provide a closed space for small groups of people to communicate about shared interests. Groups can be created by anyone.” Possible groups that come to mind are families, book clubs, ministry groups, alumni, a sports team, etc.

What kinds of groups are there?

A Facebook group can be 1) closed–anyone can see the group and it members, but only members see what members post; 2) open—anyone can see the group, who is in it and what members post; 3) secret—only members see the group, who is in it and what members post.

What can group members do?

Besides the usual Facebook postings, members can add other members (only the administrator could do this before); live chat with members—not officially stated anywhere I could find, but it seems that you can have a group as large of 250 in the chat room at once; and post and modify documents. By default all members receive a notification when new content is posted.

What will happen to the old groups?

At some point, Facebook will “archive” old groups and if they are still active, convert them to new groups. Wall posts, photos and discussion threads will move to the new group format but group members will have to be re-added.

What is the Difference Between a Page and a Group?

The Facebook page is meant to promote brands, businesses, organizations, special events, etc. They are public sites which anyone can “Like.” The Administrator of a page has access to analytics through the Insights feature. Groups are intended for interest based communication and collaboration and have more privacy options.

Here are links to two articles that I found helpful in my research: Facebook Help Center  and All Facebook.

Do you belong to a Facebook group?  Tell us about it.


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Jean Ponder Soto October 17, 2011 at 1:47 pm

Sr. Susan,
This is a fan mail. I eagerly read your posts and find them most helpful. They are clear, to the point and always on an important topic. They help me learn how to enter our newest mission field.
Thanks for what you do!
Jean Ponder Soto

Sr. Susan Wolf, SND October 17, 2011 at 1:57 pm

Thank you, Jean. I am glad to read that what I am writing is helpful to my readers. Blessings on your online endeavors. Sr. Susan

Marc Cardaronella October 20, 2011 at 3:41 pm

Good post on groups. I didn’t completely understand the distinction myself even though I’m part of a few groups. 😉

There very well might be one in my future now. I can see the possibilities.

Thanks for the post.

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