Where Does Your Ministry Go Next on the Internet?

by Sr. Susan Wolf, SND on October 28, 2014

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Dollarphotoclub_49349268 GajusOne of the most exciting and also frustrating things about the Internet and social media is that it is constantly changing. New platforms keep emerging, new devices are challenging our intelligence, and there seems to be some new application to learn everyday. If we want to be or become effective ministers on the “digital continent,” how do we keep up?

My goal with the Catholic Web Solutions blog is to help you “keep up” in ways that I can and to encourage you to move forward from wherever you are on the learning curve. We all started at zero and some of us were even in a negative zone, but we all can move forward.  Please take a few minutes to respond to the three-question survey below.  Your responses will help me to get a better idea of your interests and your goals for online ministry.  This will help me to select content that will help you take the next steps in your online ministry.  Thank you very much for your participation. FYI: All responses are anonymous.

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