How to Get More Page Likes

by Sr. Susan Wolf, SND on May 19, 2015

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Mouse hand cursor on like button vector illustrationPage Likes is one of the key indicators of performance for a Facebook Page. If our Facebook Page continues to get more Likes, it is a positive sign. If our Likes are stagnate or declining, the opposite is true.

Facebook Insights has a tab for “Likes” which provides us with useful data about our Likes. Watch this short video in which I walk you through the Like Insights for my Catholic Web Solutions Facebook Page. (You can view the video in full screen by clicking the full screen icon to the left of the word Vimeo.)


Correction:  Towards the end of the video, I discuss the “Other” sources of Facebook Likes.  I think that refers to Likes that come on uncategorized mobile devices, not Twitter. If anyone has more information on this, please put in the comments below.  Thank you.

Growing our Likes increases our sphere of influence online and our opportunities to connect with more people—not just those who like our Page, but also those with whom they share our Posts. Increasing Likes is growing our social networking community. If you are strategic about your Posts, they can lead people to your website where people can get to know more about your parish, community or organization. Yes, maintaining and growing your Facebook Page takes time and effort, but it is worth it.

We can promote our Facebook Page in many ways:

  • Word of mouth—invite people to follow you on Facebook. This is a common practice on many TV and radio programs—we can use it to.
  • Through email and other electronic communications. Put your Facebook Page address in the signature of your email or add a P.S. to your ministry emails: Follow us on [your Facebook Page]
  • Put your Facebook address on every piece of printed material-bulletins, newsletters, magazines, posters.
  • Post worthwhile content consistently on your Facebook Page that speaks to your intended audiences. If people receive content from you that adds value to their lives, their faith, their ministries, they will like and share it. There needs to be more of this type of content than program or activity reminders on your Facebook Page if it is to grow.
  • Post photos of members (with their permission) carrying out the mission of your organization. They will certainly share these Posts with others. This is very good publicity.
  • Spend a little money and use Facebook ads—do this at key times of the year for your organization or when you have a Post that you worked particularly hard on i.e. a video or informative or inspirational Post; or a Post that received more likes, shares, comments from your current followers than others is a good one to send out to the larger Facebook community.

It is important to remember that the number of Likes alone is not the most important measure of your performance.  Whatever the number is, its value is in relationship to the potential members in your niche.  If you are a parish of 5,000 households, you should expect to have more Likes than a parish of 300 households.  If you are a small diocese, you would not expect to have as many Likes as a large Archdiocese and so on.  We want to reach the people to whom our content has value. That number varies with each audience.

How do you grow the Likes on your Facebook Page?  Have you ever used a Facebook ad?  Please tell us your experiences.

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