Prioritize the Facebook Posts You Want to See

by Sr. Susan Wolf, SND on January 23, 2018

in Facebook

Last week’s post on “Changes to Facebook’s News Feed” may have prompted you to look at your News Feed and review the Posts that are there. In the past and even recently, you may have questioned why you are not seeing Posts from certain people or Pages that you want to see.  That is due to the changes that Facebook made some time ago where its algorithms determine which Posts we see. Because of that we do not always see the Posts of everyone we follow.

However, you can set your News Feed Preferences. By setting your News Feed Preferences, you can

  • indicate which Posts you want to see first
  • unfollow people or Pages so that you will not see content from them again
  • reconnect with people or Pages you have unfollowed previously and
  • prioritize your Short Cuts List as well.

I found a very clear explanation of how to set your News Feed Preferences at wikiHow (to do anything). It shows you how to do it on desktop as well as on mobile devices and uses graphics.  So instead of re-inventing the wheel, I am going to send you there this week.

Here is the link:

Good luck and let me know if this was helpful to you.