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The Internet is a mission field.  Let’s be there!
The Internet is a ministry tool.  Let’s use it!

2013 Photo Cropped_CopyMore and more faith-based communities are using the Internet and social networking for mission.  They are demonstrating that we can engage people in the mission of Christ online as well as face-to-face. We have a duty to use the new communications media for the spread of the Gospel and we have a responsibility to do it well.

The mission of Catholic Web Solutions is to help parishes and religious communities to think strategically about integrating the Internet and Social Media into their mission; to develop a plan and then implement it.  Using these new media we can enhance our member services, our membership recruitment and our outreach.

Specifically, I help my clients:

Address Web Presence

  • identify their audiences
  • organize, prioritize and articulate their messages to those audiences using the most appropriate platforms
  • become more engaging and responsive to their online visitors
  • use best practices to integrate their various platforms for greatest impact
  • plan to maintain and grow their online presence according to their resources
  • use social media to drive more traffic to their websites and more people to Christ
  • engage and work with a website developer to achieve their goals

Most organizations, religious communities and parishes do not have people on staff or in the organization who have the time, skills and knowledge to oversee the many details of launching and managing an effective web presence. I provide that service.  I work with the leaders and the stakeholders to create or update their organization’s web presence and advise them on how to keep it fresh and useful going forward.

I also audit and make recommendations to improve websites and Facebook Pages.

Enhance Web Presence with Video and Picture Quotes

  • Short video Production
    • Welcome to Our Parish (using your photos and ideas)
    • Customized outreach for Ash Wednesday, Christmas and Easter (Yes, many more people come those days, but do they feel wanted and welcome? A video can tell them that they are.)
    • Special events or projects
  • Create picture quotes/graphics for Facebook: liturgical, scriptural, spiritual inspiration to post regularly.

If I can help your religious community, organization, or parish review and enhance its use of the Internet for mission, please contact me at swolf@catholicwebsolutions.com


Sr. Susan Wolf, SND
Internet, Social Media and Content Strategist

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