SEO for Your Ministry Website E-Guide & Check-List

Q: What can you do to improve the ranking of your ministry website on search engines?

A: You can pay attention to SEO (search engine optimization). This new e-guide by Catholic Web Solutions will show you how to do it in easy-to-follow language

SEO for Your Ministry Website is an e-guide from Catholic Web Solutions that will explain and guide you through the key steps of search engine optimization whether you have a static HTML site or a WordPress site.

With this 25-page e-guide you will learn:

  • Why SEO is important to ministry sites
  • SEO practices to avoid
  • SEO core basics
  • Why you should pay attention to Google
  • Key strategies in website design to facilitate SEO
  • Integrating social media for better SEO on your website
  • Why and how to install Google Analytics

Included in the e-guide is a detailed 7-page check-list to insure that you do not miss any opportunities to increase your rank in search results.

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