Easter Outreach Made Easy for Your Parish

White lilies

Easter is less than one month away!  How will you invite Catholics not usually in Church on Sunday to come on Easter? An invitation is all some need.

In a March 2013 poll conducted by LifeWay Research,
57% of self-identified Catholics reported that they would attend services on Easter;
22% reported that they would not attend
and 21% of Catholic respondents had not made up their minds yet.
This poll was taken two weeks before Easter.

Right now you have a window of opportunity
to get the welcome word out to the undecided in your community.
Reach out via your website and other online platforms
in a way that will grab their attention and hopefully persuade them to come.

I can help you…

Atdesk1I will create a short, upbeat video invitation to Easter
services at your parish to be posted on your website and your
social media sites. You can email it, embed it, use it any way you want.

Videos get viewed and shared more than any other type of post!


 I will customize the video below for your parish:

To help promote online outreach I am offering this video to you at the special price of $24.95. All you need to do is fill in the information needed in the Order Form and send a photo of your Church (inside or out) to me by March 18. I will create your customized video and send you an MP4 file which you can use in any way you like and on any platform.

Here is the Order Form. You will have to click “Enable Editing” to fill it out.

May the rest of your Lent be blessed and may your Easter be joyous!

Sister Susan Wolf, SND