Social Media Management

Having a website—even a very good websiteis not enough to meet the needs of our new digital world. The purpose of social media (such as blogs, Facebook and Twitter) is to connect, relate, invite response, dialogue and discussion among the many. While not everyone will comment on your content, comments are what many people want to read. If your content is worthwhile, some will comment on it, some will share it with others and many will come back for more.

Catholic Web Solutions will help you to:  

  • Set up your social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter
  • Set up your organization’s Facebook page
  • Set-up and manage your blog
  • Learn social media best practices and short cuts
  • Be strategic in the use of social media for mission
  • Monitor or maintain your social media presence

If you would like to do some reading on Social Media, click on the Book Store Tab on the menu above and check out the books in the “How to” category.

If you would like to discuss how Catholic Web Solutions can assist you with Social Media Management, please contact:

Sister Susan Wolf, SND

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